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Academic Medicine Podcast

Nov 30, 2020

Hosts Toni Gallo and Research in Medical Education (RIME) Committee member Dr. Daniel Schumacher (@DrDanSchumacher) talk to guests Drs. Hanin Rashid, Kristen Coppola, and Robert Lebeau about their scoping review of the literature related to the USMLE Step exams and what their findings could mean for medical students, the medical school curricula, and the resident selection process. This is the second episode in a 3-part series of discussions with RIME authors about their medical education research and its implications for the field. 

Read the article discussed in this episode, “Three Decades Later: A Scoping Review of the Literature Related to the United States Medical Licensing Examination” at Find the complete 2020 RIME supplement, which is free to read and download, also at