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Academic Medicine Podcast

Jun 10, 2024

Kayla Marcotte, MS, Jose Negrete Manriquez, MD, MPP, Maya Hunt, MD, Max Spadafore, MD, and Dan Schumacher, MD, PhD, MEd, join host Toni Gallo to discuss the role of learners in building the future state of assessment; the importance of having a patient-focused, learner-centered, equity-based system of assessment; and...

May 20, 2024

We must find the moments in medical education where we all can be models of thoughtful exposure, risking vulnerability and emphasizing our shared humanity—even with our clothes on.

Gretchen A. Case and Karly Pippitt reflect on a body painting session they led to teach medical students the value of vulnerability. 

Apr 30, 2024

Katherine Chretien, MD, Grant Wilson, MD, and Michelle York, MD, join host Toni Gallo to discuss building meaningful relationships with patients, the small but impactful ways they show their patients they care, and the important role that learners play in connecting with patients and contributing to their care. 


Apr 1, 2024

For those who do excellent work, but quietly, and sometimes under the radar, the simple phrase, confidently stated—“You are in good hands”—can make all the difference. You got this.

Shailaja J. Hayden reflects on the importance of inspiring confidence in fellow members of the care team, which then inspires...

Mar 18, 2024

Rather than sheltering me from the rigors of doctoring, the museum has deepened my relationship to medicine by restoring its inherent mystery. It reminds me that the reality of our patients will always exceed our understanding of them.

Kain Kim reflects on how teaching the humanities can help normalize uncertainty in...