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Academic Medicine Podcast

May 25, 2020

"Every clinician can remember his or her first real code as a singular event, but often unspoken is how these experiences chip away at the body, mind, and soul of even the most steadfast of people. Piece by piece, the mosaic of a fledgling medical student builds, cracks, and rebuilds with the ever-present risk...

May 18, 2020

Hosts Toni Gallo and assistant editor for trainee engagement Dr. Jesse Burk Rafel (@jbrafel) and guest Dr. Lotte Dyrbye (@dyrbye) discuss burnout in medical students and residents, including new recommendations from the National Academies about systems-level changes to foster well-being in learners. 

Read Dr. Dyrbye's...

May 4, 2020

"In the classroom, if I had a question, I would ask it. 'There are no dumb questions,' we were told. On the wards, I felt as if that standard no longer applied. I was fearful both that my questions would slow or inhibit patient care and that I would be considered ignorant for my curiosity."

Dr. Nathan Kong describes the...